How They're Made

every product is handmade  by me - Josee, 
in Dundas, Ontario.

Friendship inspired this entire project when a pair of mittens I made for a gift exchange were loved by my friends and family. In 2012 I made my first pair of Smittens, by the end of the year I had sold 200 pairs at a couple of local craft shows. Fast forward to the present, Northern Smittens has grown to include mittens, scarves, pillows and more!

The Production

My production process is unique, just like each pair of mittens and every product in my store.  I start with Grade B recycled wool sweaters rejected from thrift stores in the GTA.  Grade B means they have small holes or stains so they can't be resold individually. I buy them in bulk and start my production process. From my driveway they go through a refined felting process before being ironed and entering the design stage.Every product is designed, cut, sewn and sold by me.


Thank You

This little project has turned into a beloved business and I am so grateful for

all the support and love for my handmade treasures.

- Josee